Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here is one of the best sarcastic if not comically under-toned editorials I have read in a while.

Now, I don't presume for you to be all knowing. But the issue at hand is a growing one and does need to be corrected in the near future.

So... for simplicity sake if you are clueless of about the issue still, please do read this article.

Griego: Immigration 101 might change minds
By Tina Griego
The Denver Post

This, by far, is the most common question I received: "Why haven't they just applied for citizenship?"

The question presumes that presented with the choice of becoming a legal resident or remaining an illegal immigrant, these students have chosen the latter.

No such choice exists.

Young people who are here illegally cannot saunter into their local immigration office and say, "All right, I'm tired of being an illegal immigrant. Let's do this citizenship thing."

Oh, and within the article you may find a little surprise ;)

The DREAM Act is expected to be introduced in the House in
about two weeks.

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