Saturday, March 28, 2009

The DREAM Act is re-born.

The DREAM Act has been reintroduced!

And what a press coverage it has received, from both sides of the argument there have been several emerging articles that have promoted and demonized the DREAM Act.

The current status of both House and Senate versions has been made available to all reader on the information bar, and the "Current Projects" section has also been updated!

Here are some of our most visited headlines:

Recurring DREAM back in Congress

DREAM Act Reintroduced In Senate
DREAM ACT Reintroduced In Both Chambers

Not to mention the blogosphere has been plagued with several reviews, opinions, testimonials, about the DREAM Act's introduction.

More distinguished post so far has been that made by Kyle over at CitizenOrange, in which he dictated 5 actions on how to help the DREAM Act:

1. CALL - The National Council of La Raza has a page to help you call your congressional representatives in support of the DREAM Act.

2. FAX - America's Voice has a page to help you fax your congressional representatives in support of the DREAM Act.

3. EMAIL - has a page to help you email your congressional representatives in support of the DREAM Act.

4. PETITION - has the official petition in support of the DREAM Act.

5. TEXT - Text "Justice" ("Justicia" for Spanish) to 69866 to be the first to know when the DREAM Act is introduced. FIRM's Mobile Action Network is an excellent way to stay connected and have maximum impact at just the right moment.

Here at LIFE BY DREAM would like to thank Kyle for his hard work and dedication on the issue, as he is one of the most invaluable members of our activist bubble. His determination only bleeds orange as he has written several articles where he defends the DREAM Act, and gives comprehensive articles that depict the benefits of this legislature.

It is without a doubt that his article struck some positive chords, as AlterNet (one of the largest online magazine) published Kyle's Pass the DREAM Act for Future Economic Prosperity: A Comprehensive Argument.
The moral argument for the DREAM Act is simple. The only people who cannot see it are those who refuse to recognize unauthorized migrants as humans. That's why any article that humanizes migrants is always quickly filled with vicious nativist hate in the comments section.

BRAVO Kyle! Nobody could have put it better.
These are exciting times ladies and gentlemen, as our drums continue to resonate, we slowly but surely move forward.

Please take some time to visit all of the links covered in this post, as you can discover plenty of valuable information of the recent developments about the DREAM Act.

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