Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here we GROW!

Always be thankful of those who are willing to lend a hand.

Life by Dream is pleased to announce a new addition to its team.
Meet ManosDoradas, a well informed-willing activist and dear friend of mine, to whom I owe many thanks for constant attention, support, advice, and care.

Manosdoradas (MD); alongside myself, will continue to deliver contributions, articles, opinions, and current immigration issues, in addition to lobbying efforts to have the federal DREAM Act enacted as soon as possible.

I am confident on MD's ability to contribute to the blog. Hard-work, dedication, and a fire-fueled spirit up make this Puerto-Rican native one of the most qualified individuals to aide in the maintenance of Life by Dream.

Surely you will enjoy her blogs as she has much to bring to the table. It is my pleasure to have MD as a fellow author, but most importantly as a friend in my life.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Outside looking In

Remember Juan Gomez? Last year it looked like he had it made. A private bill made it possible for him and his brother Alex to legally stay in the US. He received acceptance and a full scholarship renowned Ivy League school. Yet less than one year later, everything is up in the air again. By any measure, he would be considered an asset. He’s proven his worth by doing brilliantly in Georgetown (Georgetown! for God’s sake!) Yet he languishes unable to even plan his summer. It is a crying shame that Juan now has to face such an uncertain future after overcoming so many obstacles and losing his parents for the foreseeable future. We need to circulate his story as well as that of the many people in the same situation. Because to let all that talent, all that drive and passion slip through our collective grasp and be wasted is the biggest shame of all.


Each week, the possibility of getting deported looms larger. Juan can no longer block it from his mind so easily. "If I have this deadline that's going to come up in some form or another, it's not like I can look that far ahead into the future," he says.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


America's Voice

Monday, February 2, 2009

Deport all parents?

A couple days back an article was published on South Florida's Newspaper The Sun-Sentinel (Broward County) with the following title:

The article describes the story of Cecia, 12, and Ronald Jr., 9 who are among the thousands of children who are born in the U.S as citizens but find themselves with undocumented parents who often end up deported, tearing their family to chunks. Hit the Link for the Full Article.
Here at Life by Dream, I find it difficult to believe that these families are torn without any sort of remedy at all. What would be more horrible than being separated from your own child for an unknowingly long period of time? Better yet, why are these children to be punished? As U.S. citizens shouldn't they at least have a shot to fix their broken family?
According to the comments left on this article, they don't.
More or less, they should be treated as criminals, stripped of their U.S. citizenship and sent back home with their illegal parents.
Does this show any kind of rationale, or morale?
Where have the American values gone?
How do we continue to plague ourselves of Xenophobia and hated to wards all immigrants?
Common misconceptions/stereotypes against immigrant groups:
  • All "Illegal" Immigrants do not pay taxes.
  • All "Illegal" Immigrants come to the U.S. to turn it into a third world country.
  • All "Illegal" Immigrants are Hispanic.
  • All "Illegal" Immigrants do not contribute a dime to society.
  • All "Illegal" Immigrants are lazy

For the record the list does not stop there.
Let it be known that immigrants do contribute to society against all stereotypes, and yes they do come in all shapes and sizes. As for illegal immigration, the trends are regressing and illegal immigration is slowing down.

Here are some of the comments on that article.
It saddening how opinions and views of a person may change by simply applying the peel and stick label of "illegal alien" over their foreheads without any sort of discussion or knowledge of who the person is, more or less what he/she is capable of

This isn't your country and it never will be, s***. You come here unwanted
and uninvited to leech off the American taxpayer and turn the US into a
Third World s***hole like your homeland. No matter how many of your
illiterate relatives you drag over, no matter how many totally uneducable anchor spawn you dump out there are alot more of us than there are of you. And we can subtract alot faster than you can add.

No Way! Send them and their kids back where they came from! They broke the
LAW by coming here and overstaying their visas. Get them out of MY country NOW!

The anchor babies should be stripped of their citizenship also. The parents
came hear with imntention to thumb their noses at our system and do it the way
the wanted. They undercut wages of the rest of the work force and now we have a
big mess. Sorry kiddees, your parents broke the law and that does not give you a
free pass!!!

I wonder if these nativists consider people "illegal aliens" even after they fell out of status due to the broken immigration system that the U.S. currently has. Please do feel free to leave you pro-migrant comments under the article, in order to shed light on this issue.