Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here we GROW!

Always be thankful of those who are willing to lend a hand.

Life by Dream is pleased to announce a new addition to its team.
Meet ManosDoradas, a well informed-willing activist and dear friend of mine, to whom I owe many thanks for constant attention, support, advice, and care.

Manosdoradas (MD); alongside myself, will continue to deliver contributions, articles, opinions, and current immigration issues, in addition to lobbying efforts to have the federal DREAM Act enacted as soon as possible.

I am confident on MD's ability to contribute to the blog. Hard-work, dedication, and a fire-fueled spirit up make this Puerto-Rican native one of the most qualified individuals to aide in the maintenance of Life by Dream.

Surely you will enjoy her blogs as she has much to bring to the table. It is my pleasure to have MD as a fellow author, but most importantly as a friend in my life.


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