Thursday, January 1, 2009

Start Your Engines...


I'm sure that by now most of you (if not all of you) are sitting at home, stuffed with food, tired from partying last night, and plan to start the year on a new note.
That is all great and everything; yet, let's begin with some news.

As of last night, has closed its polling for the TOP 10 IDEAS FOR AMERICA.
Let me begin by congratulating and thanking all of those out there who made an effort and not only voted for the DREAM Act as one of the top 10 Ideas, but propagated the word and made it known that we want this piece of legislation passed in order to bring the Change we crave from the Obama administration to America.

In the last hours we managed to rake in over 400 new votes!
Catapulting us to 8th place after a lag, and keeping us at the number ONE spot in the immigration section of the website.
So take this time to sit back and celebrate, but don't get too comfortable.

Our opposition is second place right behind us, and they, like us are trying to rake up as many vote as they can for the next round as well.

The new voting beings on January 5th, this time around we have only ten days to make sure the DREAM Act stay on top like its supposed to. Please, take a day to rest, but do not forget that our task is right in front of us and that we need every vote we can in order to keep pushing this movement forward. Have all your friends, family, acquaintances vote for our cause, explain to them what it means and how beneficial it is to this nation and I am more than sure that they will advocates to their inner circles as well.

Feel free to vote on any of these two ideas and defeat our opposition!

Equal Immigration Rights for same sex binational couples

Pass the DREAM Act Now!


Happy New Years!