Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am torn by Gov. Richardson's drop from his nomination to Secretary of Commerce, he was a model Latino pick in Obama's cabinet. Let's just wait and see what the FBI digs up from him, I guess Obama will need to find another pick for the post which shouldn't be too hard to find.

Lately, I have been down.
While my efforts and work are 100% on track, and I'm more than fueled to progress with our movement I can't help to think that I'm torn in half.
My disposition for making things right is probably the only side of me that is sane. While emotionally I am a train wreck.
I can't help to think sometimes I plague others with my politic speeches, my worries, troubles, insecurities, etc.
Do I bother so much that people begin to despise me?
Or is it simply that I'm so wrapped up in this that I am blind from everything else that is occurring around me?
Whatever this feeling is, let me assure you the reader that it shall pass.
One way or another. Excuse me for the rant.

CHANGE.ORG has re-opened for round two of voting.
So far, we have gathered a nice number of votes within the first day, but rest assure that IT WILL KEEP GROWING as time passes.
DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE, use the widget on this page to make sure you cast your vote on the top 3 ideas on immigration and any others you may consider as the best ideas to be presented to the Obama Administration.
We have less than 10 days before the January 15th deadline to gather as much support as we possibly can!

There will be another call soon for your help, so please keep posted as there are many many many more things to come.

Here is a funny since I have not kept up with you, sorry for being so lazy; I guess I have just been really busy these past couple days:

Click and zoom in to appreciate the truthfulness of this chart.

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