Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Border Closes, or so says the Economist

This article published a couple days ago on the well renowned THE ECONOMIST website, explains how illegal immigration has slowed down thanks to enforcement of the current laws. However, the immigration system continues t be broken.

He is a snippet which mentions the DREAM Act, and implies mentions AgJobs??
Very interesting article!

"If there is to be no grand bargain, lesser steps may be taken. Farmers, who have political clout and a perpetual hunger for cheap labour, may be allowed to hire more seasonal workers. “Americans still aren’t rushing to pick lettuces in 115ยบ heat,” notes Glenn Hamer, president of Arizona’s chamber of commerce. The DREAM Act, which would enable some illegal aliens who were brought to America as children to become residents, may be revived.

But if no provision is made to increase the supply of foreign labour permanently, the immigration issue will come back once business picks up again. As Tamar Jacoby of ImmigrationWorks USA, a pressure group, puts it, efforts to secure the border and to police unscrupulous employers will have to compete against the dynamism of the world economy. Don’t count on the cops to win. "


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