Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Call to Action: Mass DREAM Mobilization in Washington D.C. on July 19th-21st

The time to mobilize and demand the dream act is now. We have a short window of opportunity to pass the Dream Act in congress. Over the course of the last two years we have been successful in building up our collective base and now more than ever, we need to show our collective power as immigrant youth. We have been able to accomplish many things including securing 40 co sponsors in the Senate and develop Dream Teams in places that have never had a base before. All of this work, all of the petition signatures you gathered and sent in are now bearing fruit. All of the rallies you attended to meet new people, all of the lobby visits and relationships you built are now critical for passage of the Dream Act. Make your work count now! Come to Washington D.C. between July 19th and the 21st for three days of escalation and action on Capitol Hill.

Join us for a mass mobilization for the DREAM Act on Capitol Hill from July 19-21st

Dont know how to get started? Follow the steps below to get started
If you are an individual:
  • talk to friends and family and get them to come to D.C. with you.
  • Check out the Dream Map to see if there any youth projects near your area and contact them to see if you they will be mobilizing to DC
Youth Groups
If you are working in a group try to organize a caravan to D.C. There are several being planned across the country. Register on our website and we can follow up with you by connecting you to a group near you.
If you are a part of an organization try to organize a bus delegation to D.C! Register your organization on our registration form and we will follow up with more information and logistics.


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