Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In 12 more days, Mr. President

The time has come to collect on your promises, President Obama.
WE answered your call. WE believed. WE stumped for you and we
voted for you. WE delivered, Mr. President- but have you?

You promised us change within the first 100 days.
We have passed that mark four times over and seen absolutely nothing
except increased raids and deportations. We’ve had enough
of waiting and enough of being put off with vague promises of immigration reform.
We’ve had enough of having friends and loved ones living
a half-life in the shadows because of a broken immigration
system that has failed both immigrants and our communities.
We are sick of the labels, lies and manipulation attempts to
splinter the country into factions divided along race and
class lines
. We helped bring your dream to life, Mr. President;
it’s your turn to bring our DREAM to fruition.
In twelve days, we are making a stand
and making our voices heard loud and clear. We are coming together
brown and white, old and young, queer and straight, rich and poor,
from all around the country. Our message is simple:
we demand that Congress take up immigration reform NOW,
and pass the DREAM Act as the first meaningful step in the process.

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