Monday, April 6, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

A couple of days ago, I went with Motto to renew his driver's license.

A rite of passage that for the majority of the population is painless but for him has turned into a yearly ordeal. Mind you, we had everything in order and in triplicate. The only things missing was the proverbial pound of flesh and pint of blood. Everything in order and in a folder!

We waited in line made small talk until it was his turn. With some trepidation, he hands his paperwork over, only to be told "your paperwork is too old, you need something less than three years old". And therein lies the problem. Thanks to a system that is as dysfunctional as it is slow and erratic there is no way to obtain more current paperwork. He is stuck in limbo, with a bright future almost within reach and a lack of current ID can snatch it away just when years of hard work and dedication are about to pay off.

Thanks to our lovely home state's penchant for getting in line with the past administration's every idiotic new measure, in this case Real ID, thousands of law abiding, hard working people, not just immigrants, are having a hard time renewing driver's license.


We live here own property pay taxes volunteer and work to improve our communities. We work hard we excel we try to shine. We play by the rules even the unfair and unwritten ones. We jump through every hoop and and beat the odds and surmount every obstacle. And still still the game is fixed and the dice are weighted, and not in our favor.

Its almost as if the powers that be are conspiring to create a self fulfilling prophecy. If you tell a person or a child often enough long enough that they can't and must only act this way, you can eventually force that outcome. Except that in this case the outcome is meant to be detrimental. Hysterical given the fact that while my law abiding straight arrow friend is attempting to follow the rules there's all manner of chicanery taking place right outside the DMV.

We won't be dissuaded. We 'll keep trying and we are going to play by your unfair rules. And we are going to beat you fair and square.

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